Conveying the Ingenuity of Japanese Industry

The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, and the subsequent tsunami and nuclear power plant crisis, has changed Japan profoundly.

A lack of accurate international news reporting during the crisis, and an especial dearth of responsible follow-up coverage by global media organizations in the subsequent weeks and months, have led many people around the world to perceive that the complete northeastern region of Japan was practically wiped from the earth, that Japanese industry is hobbled by electrical shortages, that all of Japan’s soil is contaminated by radiation, and Japan’s economic leadership has been compromised.

The outpouring of support and good will Japan received from the world was greatly appreciated by Japanese in every corner of the nation, yet concern exists that trust in the nation may decline as time goes by.

In the midst of this situation, Japanese industry is working fervently to realize a rejuvenation of the “Japan brand”, and the nation’s best minds are innovating ways to overcome the nation’s energy challenges. At the same time, the people of the northeast region of Japan? Tohoku? work day and night to restore their communities and put the shock of the cataclysm behind them. was established to share the news, information and human stories reflecting the ingenuity and diligence of Japanese companies and individuals, with existing and potential business partners, investors, and everyone else. We are committed to communication about the innovative technologies, products and businesses of Japan.

Our goal is to play a part in the innovations of Japanese companies and individuals contributing to the world’s sustainable economic growth.

July 2011
Brain Center offers consulting and media production services for corporate communications. Throughout its 30+ year history, the company has supported the public relations, sales promotion, investor relations and sustainability communications efforts of numerous Japanese companies. Brain Center also publishes books specializing in local culture, art and photography.

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Art Direction: Lorenzo Lorefice (YOSH)

Writing/Editing: Shoko Mizusako, Kym Hutcheon, Robert Chikamoto
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